The Shops in Egypt

Nothing in the world can compare to the hustle and bustle of a Cairo backstreet shop.

The sights, the smells, the people, the colours, the sounds.

All of these make the experience of going to shopping something special.

I met some really lovely people while getting a few groceries in a backstreet shopping area in Cairo. Was really lovely to see almost a community within itself willing to help each other, and constantly keep each other laughing and smiling even in the baking heat.

Speaking of bakeries, I will post soon some mini pizzas I found it a small shop..really delicious!

Landing in Cairo

I have finally arrived in Cairo for the start of my holiday!

Feel very ready for this holiday and cannot wait to start exploring, and capturing some photography along the way.

Make sure you keep checking back as I will be uploading photos with my travels and updates.


Milk, Food Colouring & Soap – A Photography Experiment

I saw online a really cool experiment which children can do.

Simply, take some full fat milk, add some food colouring drops, a little drop of washing up liquid/soap and then you will see the colours all move!

In theory, really simple to do, however it wasn’t as successful as I was hoping for. I did try first with semi-skimmed milk (half fat) and the colouring simple would start to move the moment it dropped on the surface. Then I purchased some full fat milk…with some VERY interesting results.

I tried adding the food colouring to the full fat, and some worked well and set on the surface, and some them started to move around. I then realised that maybe the colouring had something in the ingredients. On a closer inspection I was right, oil was added to some of the colouring and that is what was setting off the colouring too soon.

With that being said, I still tried to make the best out of a bad situation. Below are some photos I have taken with my NEW Sony QX1 camera with a 30mm Macro Lens.

Hope you like them, and I will defiantly give this another go in the near future!





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Removing Reflections from Glass

Originally posted on Photofocus:
If you shoot any imagery that contains glass you’re likely to run into the problem of reflections. Find out how to deal with reflections in post in this tutorial. Watch more at…. This tutorial is a single movie from the Shooting…

Oil & Water | Macro Photography

So, recently I have been very unwell.

On Saturday I got up out of bed, and said I need to be creative. No more lazing around feeling sorry for myself.

I had a thought about doing some more macro photography, and how I can really make some cool water shots. Then I saw an oily dish left in the sink and then it hit me, “Oil & Water”.

So, I found a glass in a cabinet and filled three quarters with water. After I took some olive oil and then attempted to put just a few drops. I then realised that getting the right mixture of water & oil is going to be tricky.

Once I was happy with the mix, I surrounded the glass with some differently coloured materials, and as I was outside the lighting was perfect…no flash needed. A fully charged battery on my Nikon D90, attached my macro specific lens and then my tripod. I did have to place the lens very close to the glass to get the best out of the lens.

A few shots later I wanted to spice things up a little. I added just a few drops of orange food colouring, and the oil surrounded the colouring and formed these circular pockets of colour. Fortunately they all stayed together and enabled me to get some beautiful mixes of colour and water.

The photos were shot in RAW, and some increased contrast and saturation was applied just to make the colours ‘pop’ a little more. Was a great project, and if the weather is good again I will try this…but with my Lytro camera for some really interesting shots. Hope you like them, and you can to see the full album on my Facebook page. I always welcome comments, so please give me your feedback.


Dean :)

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